ladylucyloo asked:

yoyoyo, im really sorry if you get millions of questions like this, but I was looking for some advice, Ive had a boyf for like a year now, and he knows that I am a cam girl, but he doesnt like it, he just accepts it. Ive found that it is easier just to pretend like I dont cam because he seems to get angry at me for it. I was wondering what made you 'accept' that Ashe cams, and how you dealt with the emotional difficulties of it at first? Thank you! you and ashe are wonderful!

It took me a bit to get really truly comfortable with ashes camming, not saying that I didn’t support or accept it at the beginning, but eventually I realized that most of, if not all, the issues I had with her job had to do with my own insecurities. I know I’ve always been able to trust her as she trusts me, and that alone is the most important thing to remember.

If your boyfriend has to pretend you don’t cam, then it doesn’t sound like he accepts it. He has to find a way to feel better about something that seems important in your life. The best thing to do is to not avoid it! You guys need to talk about it! It might feel better to push it aside constantly, but if you don’t, then he will continue to create an illusion of your job from resentment and false ideas.

If you feel like you need anymore advice on the subject then feel free to ask me whenever. I hope this helped.

Anonymous asked:

Have you played The Last of Us??

No! My good friend Adorian is obsessed with that game and has told me many times to play it, but I’m honestly not that big of a zombie fan so it’s been hard to catch my interest. I will eventually play it I’m sure though.